Annual BTRG PeopleSoft & Oracle Cloud Product Awareness Survey

Enter to WIN a $100 American Express Gift Card

How well do you understand Oracle’s strategy

for rolling out new products?

Take BTRG’s 2014 Survey and enter to WIN a $100 AMEX Gift Card.

This survey is designed to help our customers better understand where the marketplace is headed and ultimately assist you in making better decisions for your organization. Results will be out later this summer so you can see how your knowledge of Oracle’s new products compares to other industry professionals.

With Oracle continuing to invest in PeopleSoft and offering more cloud products like Oracle HCM and ERP Cloud, organizations are wondering if it’s time to continue to invest or move to the cloud. Respond to BTRG’s Annual PeopleSoft Customer Survey and be automatically entered to win a $100 American Express Gift Card.

Why take BTRG’s Annual PeopleSoft Customer Survey?

  • All respondents will receive a copy of the results once the survey wraps up
  • Gain deep insight into the thoughts of decision makers
  • See how trends compare from the 2013 BTRG PeopleSoft Survey
  • Useful for building the internal business case for IT investments
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