How often do you go to work and not encounter a good challenge? These daily challenges are what make the day exciting and the work rewarding. Within the team we take other companies business issues and resolve them as quickly as possible with answers that work for their environment. The BTRG Data Management team works together to provide the superior service that our clients expect. 

Whether installing IBM Optim software or upgrading the Optim for Data Growth Tool,  issues do arise that call for intense review and strong focus. Quite often my colleagues and I have been asked to provide some additional focus to resolve issues at past and present client sites. Generally, this happens when the group working on the issue has tried to resolve to the point of pure frustration and they just can’t look at it anymore. They need to get some additional thoughts or ideas around how to resolve. A second set of eyes as my father says.

One of the benefits for working at an organization like BTRG is the ability to gain many sets of “second eyes” to assist with issues. Sometimes this may be within the team or it could expand to the entire organization depending on the challenge and the situation. When you like the people you work with it makes it much easier to lend a hand or to extend a “second set of eyes”.

A good example of this was when a recent client decided that for them it was better to run the processes directly from the IBM Optim application and not from within the application to be archived. This was a significant modification of the delivered Native Application integration that had been installed and tested. In effect, we had to identify and remove the integrated objects and then recreate the logic for Data Archiving and Restoring of data. When first reviewed this seemed to be a very time consuming effort. After getting a second set of eyes on the issue, we determined that we could isolate the updates to just a few objects. This allowed us to accomplish the changes in a few days instead of a few weeks.

At BTRG, we have resolved issues ranging from simple install questions to those involving the creation of complex Database specific functions for Data Masking. Those extra eyes allow us to get the daily challenges resolved much faster than going it alone. This in turn allows us to keep projects moving forward while staying on schedule.

Leave the easy stuff to others send us the hard ones. We have the right eyes for it!

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