As the volume of data stored in the enterprise continues to grow, an important question arises: Why not reduce cost by retiring legacy applications that no longer provide value?

Legacy systems tend to endure and cost money long after they have stopped providing value to the business. I have seen organizations that had applications that needed to run on hardware that is virtually impossible to replace. Any service to these machines cost more than the original machine and could take several weeks to accomplish. All the business needed was access to the data not the application. Today it is possible to get rid of these extra drains on the IT budget.

The “InfoSphere Optim Application Retirement” application allows an organization to retire these applications in an easy and safe fashion. You remove the application overhead but you can keep the data in an easily accessible format for any on-going query or reporting needs. The business gets to keep access to the data they need while IT gets to reduce cost by removing the extra infrastructure cost. That seems like some solid bottom line savings.

The BTRG Application Retirement Factory™ extends the archiving capabilities of InfoShere Optim™. It enables companies to quickly retire their legacy applications. By implementing the Application Retirement Factory™ companies can reduce their licensing costs and storage footprint while retaining full access to the retired application data.

The BTRG Application Retirement Factory™:

  • Combines InfoSphere Optim™ requirements, analysis, design, build and documentation steps into ONE automated process
  • Fully automates the development of InfoSphere Optim™
  • Simple and intuitive interface; reducing the InfoSphere Optim™ learning curve

Experienced Optim users will quickly see the added value to their environment while new users will only wonder why it was ever done differently.

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