In today’s enterprise systems landscape, consumers are being faced with an unprecedented amount of choice. I just read a white paper that explained 2016 was being deemed “The Year of the Assessment” and I happen to think they’re right. BTRG’s clients are finding huge value in conducting assessments focused on identifying current state issues and putting a plan together to manage the tidal wave of new technology they need to parse into smaller, executable steps to move forward.

Along with a “current state” health check, these clients also need approaches to identify which new technologies and functionality would have positive impacts on their business. They’re looking for a better understanding of what portion of all of this “progress” is impactful to their business and even more importantly how much “corporate cholesterol” the organization can handle without clogging business agility.

To further escalate the complexity of this assessment task, you now have to entertain the many “Cloud” options that you may have heard about from EVERY software sales rep you’ve spoken with in the last 8 months. What exactly is “Cloud”, is it real and should it be an option for your organization?

For my PeopleSoft customers, assessment topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Should I stay put on our current version or upgrade to the newest version of 9.2?
  • Should I update PeopleTools to the newest version 8.55 and what impact will that have?
  • Does it make sense for me to move portions or all of my enterprise applications to the cloud?
  • Is the newest version of PeopleSoft, with the newly released PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture (PCA), a Cloud option?
  • How should I approach the development of a strategic executable roadmap to drive my business forward?

No matter who you select as your assessment partner, make sure your organization and your plan covers the four key areas outlined in the graphic below. It’s a lot to digest, but with a detailed and strategic assessment, you organization will be prepared to employ a process of continuous improvement moving forward.


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