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Big Data Requires Big Security

Big Data Requires Big Security

Data breaches continue to make headline news and have reached an all-time high as cyber-attacks have become more sophisticated. In a Big Data-driven world, data breaches are not only common, they can also be costly.  According to the Ponemon study, data breaches are now costing organizations $5.5 million on average and $194 per compromised record. The biggest cost of ignoring data security might be much more than you think. The study shows that it takes an average of one year for an organization to restore its reputation after suffering a data breach. Don’t let security take a back seat, because building security into your big data initiatives will reduce cost, risk and avoid brand damage.

BTRG’s Data Security Solutions

  • A one day security risk assessment to accurately define your potential for exposure
  • Expert guidance and best practices to mitigate your risk
  • Enterprise-wide coverage to protect your data and effectively address regulations.


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Realtime Policies
Secure Audit Trail
Data Mining and Forensics

Compliance Audit

Separation of Duties
Best Practices Report
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Information Governance Case Studies

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