Monday, March 27th was a big day for BTRG – it was the first day we “officially” occupied our spacious, brand new office. After working from home for about a month and almost forgetting what each other looked like, we were finally in. The initial decisions for the construction phase were made much earlier, but the planning and scheduling phase for the actual “move” itself began December 1, 2016. Preparing for the move involved collecting multiple quotes from different companies for various services including: adding more cubicles to our current configuration, moving our Chantilly office furniture 1.8 miles down the road, installing all of our wires and cables into our new office, setting up our access control lock system, and most importantly…finding a ping pong table.

The decision to make this move gave us the opportunity to expand our Oracle center and need for our BTRG Cloud center of excellence. We are very excited to welcome everyone to our new office! (Just be ready to play a little ping pong). It was definitely an all hands on deck project – thank you to everyone involved and for helping everything run smoothly!


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