Data Quality Management

The world’s data is more than doubling every two years with 1.8 billion terabytes expected to be created and replicated this year*. With the amount of data in the world growing exponentially, it becomes harder for businesses to manage and leverage it. Business information needs to be clean: identified, standardized, matched, reconciled, and free of redundancies.

BTRG’s Data Quality Management solutions help an organization implement data quality to reduce costs and ensure the data remains clean. There are three main areas BTRG focuses on to help an organization improve and maintain data quality:

  • Understand & Define: Understand the data and define standards to promote consistency in how data is used and captured/stored.
  • Develop & Test: Create standardized database structures for storing master data. Focus on reliable ways to create good realistic, privatized test data.
  • Cleanse & Manage Continuously: Make use of the defined quality standards and create the rules necessary to ensure the data adheres to them over time. Rules and guidelines should be implemented in a way that automates the maintenance of high-quality data and ensures re-use of business logic.
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