A study by the Compliance Governance and Oversight Council found and estimated 70 percent of information is often needlessly retained.

If IT managers have one near-universal complaint, it’s this: Data overload is growing daily, and the IT budgets that help manage it are stretched to their limits. Organizations require governance strategies and tactics that will help them curb rising IT infrastructure costs, archive only the information with the greatest value and improve information economics.

IBM Value-based Archiving can reduce IT infrastructure costs and complexity—a proven way for CIOs to make the most of limited budgets. This is a multi-faceted solution that makes sense, especially today:

  • Understand what to keep, how long to keep it and when to dispose of it to dramatically reduce cost
  • Improve system performance for greater IT efficiency and better internal customer satisfaction
  • Reduce risk with a single automated archiving solution for multiple sources – databases-mail, file systems, social content & Sharepoint
  • Quickly respond to legal requests with in place legal holds, eDiscovery search and retention enablement

Defensible Disposal Enables IT to:

  • Achieve transparency for legal and business obligations and policies for data in a shared data source catalog
  • Automatically apply retention schedules and legal holds on data to consistently dispose of unnecessary data
  • Defensibly dispose of unnecessary structured and unstructured data
  • Curb storage growth and manage data by its value

ILG solutions enable unification and coordination across the enterprise, slowing data growth, significantly reduce risk across the enterprise, achieve the correct levels of compliance and dramatically reduce IT and legal costs.