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Delivering Content in Motion for Better Business Value
Organizations can be more agile by effectively managing the cost and risk of enterprise content from capture to disposal. Content management solutions help com­panies realize the value of content for better insight and outcomes. BTRG can help you transform the way you do business by putting content in motion using five key capabilities: capture, activate, socialize, analyze, and govern.

  • Capture—Move beyond manual content capture and dis­semination by infusing intelligence into imaging and capture processes.
  • Activate—Improve case outcomes by putting content in con­text within business processes.
  • Socialize—Connect the right content to the right people for better collaboration.
  • Analyze—Derive new business insight rapidly by accessing, interpreting and analyzing content.
  • Govern—Know when information has lost its value.

Despite the latest technology, most organizations continue to struggle to manage the burden of paper in many important business processes. New affordable and easy to use scanning and data capture technology will help you significantly reduce costs and risk while improving organizational productivity.

DataCap Solutions

IBM DataCap Taskmaster Capture

  • Automates input of data from documents to reduce cost and accelerate document process efficiencies.

IBM DataCap Taskmaster Accounts Payable Capture

  • Automates data entry from invoices and other business documents to reduce cost and accelerate AP process efficiencies.

IBM DataCap Taskmaster Medical Claims Capture

  • Automates data entry from CMS 1500 and UB-04 medical claims to reduce cost and accelerate process efficiencies.

Datacap Scans & Ingests With

  • PeopleSoft
  • Oracle ERP
  • JD Edwards
  • SharePoint

To truly improve your information economics, a holistic information governance strategy should address unstructured data – often the largest source for enterprise data growth.  A new addition to the IBM product portfolio, StoredIQ enables companies to identify, analyze and act on unstructured data in-place, without moving your data to a repository or specialty application.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Identify, classify, and manage electronically stored information (ESI) according to business value and risk
  • Optimize use of tiered storage solutions
  • Automatically execute records retention and disposition policies
  • Proactively implement a repeatable eDiscovery process
  • Consistently adhere to ESI compliance and governance regulations

Thousands of decisions, large and small, are being made across your business every day. Each one affects your short-term effectiveness and long-term success. Improving the quality of those decisions begins with having the right information—when it’s needed. This information is contained in numerous forms of content spread across your organization. Managing this content is essential to the success of your business. IBM FileNet® conquers these challenges by combining the power of content and process to substantially improve the availability and agility of content in your business functions

Benefits & Advantages

  • Helps improve the quality of decisions by providing the right information when it’s needed
  • Makes content more accessible, secure and manageable to support business initiatives
  • Delivers active content that can drive process automation, reducing time, cost and risk
  • Delivers solid ROI, as demonstrated by real-world deployments

IBM Content Collector is designed to help organizations lower storage costs and improve operational efficiency by providing single-instance-storage across supported information types.

Your investments can be better protected, and organizations have greater flexibility because they can start by archiving one source type then add addi­tional types over time as their business requires, without expensive integration efforts.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Addresses key needs that drive content collection and archiving, including archiving e-mail and content for storage space management, managing e-mail and content to meet legal obligations, connecting e-mail and disconnected content to other managed content, and managing e-mail and content as part of a business process
  • Employs a modular, extensible architecture that lets you add new content types and capabilities as business requires
  • Provides capabilities for leveraging advanced classification, records management, eDiscovery and content-centric business process management capabilities as part of an ECM platform


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