Gain Complete Control of Your Enterprise Data

StoredIQ:  A Complete Information Lifecycle Governance Platform


The biggest source of unstructured growth is coming from data inside the enterprise. Behind every corporate firewall lies petabytes of unstructured and umanaged information. How much is out there, where is it, how old is it? It’s impossible to create an informed governance and information management strategy, or make any decisions at all, if you don’t understand the scope of the problem.

StoredIQ provides the first solution to identify, analyze and act on unstructured data in-place, without moving your data to a repository or specialty application.  It’s a different approach to solving Big Data problems. With StoredIQ organizations gain visibility and control over data, rapidly connecting people to business-critical information to meet their eDiscovery, information governance, and data management requirements.  With StoredIQ, you can:

  • Spot compliance violations – how much personally identifiable information (social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account information) is stored in unsecure locations, where is it, who are the biggest offenders?
  • Make infrastructure planning decisions – am I making the best use of my primary storage environments, or is there data that should be archived, are users renaming extensions to get around corporate policies on storing media files, how fast are my SharePoint sites growing?
  • Get out in front of the eDiscovery process – where do my serial custodians have data stored, how much data do they have and how old is it, is there anything I can potentially delete?
  • Jump start or monitor records initiatives – what types of information is stored on my file shares, how old is my data, are people storing emails where they shouldn’t?


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