Performance Management in the Public Sector

Hyperion, PeopleSoft, MFR Connect

Oracle Hyperion and PeopleSoft Enterprise

A number of Performance Management Systems exist in the marketplace today and our TrueNorth™ performance management consulting services can be applied to many of them. We have specialized knowledge of and implementation expertise with both Oracle’s Hyperion and PeopleSoft Enterprise. We also offer MFR Connect, which is a proprietary, platform-independent software module that supports performance management goals and objectives.

MFR Connect

BTRG’s MFRConnect product takes public sector performance management to a new level of accountability, transparency, and performance by bringing the tenets of Managing For Results, Activity Based Accounting and Budgeting, and Balanced Scorecard together in a packaged software module designed to directly interface with Oracle’s ERP products. Originally implemented as a PeopleSoft vertical enhancement, today MFRConnect has been adapted as an extension of Oracle Hyperion to fully leverage the benefits of Hyperion’s robust reporting and analysis capabilities.

This software can be integrated with your organization’s ERP, HRIS, Timekeeping, or Budget Planning systems and in doing so expands performance management from the board room to the activity line managers with tools that assist in the:

  • Development and maintenance of strategic business plans
  • Development of performance-based budgets,
  • Assignment of staffing resources to activities
  • Tracking of workforce effort against activities
  • Management of resource utilization and procurement.

For more information on Performance Management and TrueNorth™, contact us today.

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