Structured Data

Companies rely on structured data to support business operations, so it is essential to ensure privacy and protect application data no matter where it resides. Applications must be tested outside the production environment so that when testing reveals application errors, the live production system is not affected. Realistic data is essential for testing application functionality and to ensure accuracy and reliability. However, using real data increases the risk of that data falling into the wrong hands and being vulnerable to a breach.

In addition, creating realistic development and testing environments is critical to delivering the right solutions for the business. However, cloning large production databases or data warehouses for development and testing extends cycle times, increases the amount of data propagated across the organization and significantly raises costs.

Structure Data Management help address these challenges by:

  • Reducing Costs: Lower infrastructure and capital costs, improve productivity, and reduce application defects during the development lifecycle.

  • Reducing Risks: Reduce application down time, minimize service and performance disruptions, and meet data retention requirements.

  • Promoting Business Agility: Improve time to market, increase application performance and improve quality of applications through realistic test data.

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