With the advent of self-service applications, organizations have been able to shift much of the burden associated with performing administrative tasks from internal departments to the actual users of the services. These applications have been prevalent in the Human Resource area for some time now, allowing employees to update employee information, benefits, time and expenses and more.

During the past several years, significant headway has been made in Procurement when it comes to self-service functionality. Many organizations provide suppliers access to online pages allowing them to manage their own data such as updates to address and contact information; the review of pertinent transactions such as purchase orders, invoices, and payments; and the ability to generate transactions such as purchase order acknowledgements and advanced shipment notifications. Leveraging this self-service functionality, organizations have been able to free procurement personnel from administrative activities to focus on value-adding activities such as contract management, strategic sourcing and monitoring vendor performance. This ultimately reduces the cost of procurement transactions –improving the organization’s bottom line.


Through the use of PeopleSoft’s Supplier Resource Management suite of modules has several applications which extend self-service functionality to the supplier. Those applications include Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Contract Management, eSupplier Connection and Services Procurement. Let’s discuss services Procurement and some of its benefits.

Services Projects PeopleSoft sProcurement enables service providers to log time and expenses directly against work orders and activities associated with a project, eliminating the need for internal resources to capture that data. Capturing this information enables you to include service provider information in the project reporting.

Time sheets and expense reports entered by the supplier can be automatically routed using approval workflow to both internal resources and supplier personnel. Time sheets, progress logs and expense reports can be used to trigger self-billed invoicing. This invoicing data is picked up by the Accounts Payable Voucher Build process, which creates vouchers for disbursement.

Supplier communication functionality provided with sProcurement enables service coordinators to collaborate with suppliers and requestors to meet the service needs of requestors with bids from the suppliers. These communications are captured in sProcurement, making them available for the service coordinator to review at any time.

As part of the bid process, suppliers may review, online, requisitions and work orders that have been submitted to the supplier for bid. They may submit their bids online as well. After submitting a bid, the supplier is able to review online the response from the service coordinator.

Other benefits of sProcurement beyond self-service functionality include:

  1. Services Contracts prevent bidders from submitting bids at rates greater than their contract rate.
  2. Supplier scoring can be used to determine the supplier best suited to meet requisition requirements.
  3. Desktop Integration between Microsoft Outlook and Services Procurement work order logistical tasks allow you to manage these tasks without being signed in to the PeopleSoft system.
  4. Services Procurement provides functionality enabling you to create performance surveys that can be sent to recipients after work orders have been completed. Surveys can be sent automatically or manually, depending on the configuration of the work order environment. When the surveys have been completed and received, users can view the responses.

sProcurement brings to your organization the ability to directly engage the service provider in the service process through online access to specific service procurement functionality. This in turn streamlines your services procurement business process, allows your procurement personnel to be more productive and, ultimately, cuts costs.

To learn more, contact me at jscagnelli@btrgroup.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

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