Data Governance for Financial Institutions

Financial Services organizations today are facing a critical intersection of increasing data growth and declining data value; creating a ripple effect across the business, exposing the organization to increasing expense, as well as legal and compliance risk. Organizations are increasingly challenged to successfully manage information growth while reducing cost and maintaining business performance.  BTRG can help improve your information economics strategy, by lowering information cost and reduce risk.

The explosion of data in the financial industry has it made it extremely difficult for organization to meet service-level agreements (SLAs), mitigate spiraling costs, satisfy regulatory compliance requirements, protect the privacy of data, and maintain the high quality of data. Financial Services companies maintain more sensitive data on their serves than enterprises in other sectors. Complex industry regulations and threats to revenue, reputation and operations have also converged to make security and fraud chief concerns for financial companies. Only a robust data security framework enables banks and financial markets organizations to achieve a strong data security foundation.

BTRG’s Big Data Security Framework provides the landscape to ensure that your environment is secure and compliant. Our comprehensive approach includes a one day security risk assessment to accurately define your potential for exposure, expert guidance and best practices to mitigate your risk as well as enterprise-wide coverage to protect your data and effectively address regulations.

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