PeopleSoft Vulnerability Assessment

Security and Compliance for PeopleSoft Enterprise


Information is at the heart of every business, and protecting your data has never been more important. The negative impacts and occurrences of data breaches are rising annually at an alarming rate, with the average data breach now costing over $5.4 Million.

As a key enterprise system, PeopleSoft often contains extremely sensitive data and is by no means immune to intrusion attempts. It is important to protect this sensitive data from both external and internal exposure.

PeopleSoft is certainly a secure environment but only when configured optimally. To ensure your PeopleSoft system is configured securely, BTRG has developed an effective security assessment to define your potential for exposure.

  • Vulnerability scorecards
  • Security assessment report
  • Best practices recommendation document and ROI calculation

The assessment is designed specifically to identify the following vulnerabilities

  • Prevent security breaches and cyber attacks
  • Ensure adherence to corporate and regulatory compliance
  • Identify hidden gaps and vulnerabilities
  • Risk assessment to help fortify your environment
  • Identify methods to manage data security risks
  • Insight into security best practices
  • Expert guidance to strengthen areas identified during assessment
  • Actionable steps to improve your security posture
  • Review technology stack for vulnerabilities:
    • Hardware
    • Operating System
    • Middleware
    • Database
    • Applications
  • Execute BTRG ERP application and database vulnerability assessment tools
  • Ensure built in PeopleSoft security and databases are configured properly
  • Assess operating system and server level security
  • Review operations for proper segregation of duties
  • Evaluate data footprint for risk reduction and cost saving
  • Review data encryption level
  • Review monitoring and alerting process.

To view the uncut webinar: Enhancing Security in Your PeopleSoft Environment, click below

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