PeopleSoft is one of the most widely deployed ERP systems globally, with implementations typically containing significant amounts of data which are both mission critical and highly sensitive.

Customer data, financial data and personnel data are all examples of sensitive information managed within PeopleSoft. It is therefore not surprising that many compliance requirements and audits involve data managed by PeopleSoft, requiring IT security organizations to ensure their PeopleSoft data is secure.

In this webinar, learn the best practices for identifying and fixing vulnerabilities within your PeopleSoft application. We will briefly highlight the leading database activity monitoring system on the market, InfoSphere Guardium, as well as demo an IBM approved and certified solution, BTRG’s ERP Vulnerability Assessment. This assessment is an extension of InfoSphere Guardium which leverages delivered functionality in IBM’s Guardium solution to streamline the identification of vulnerabilities in an organizations PeopleSoft security.

In addition we will specifically discuss identifying vulernabilities within:

  • Database Security: Determine if database security provides adequate protection of sensitive data and transactions.
  • PeopleSoft Security: Determine if the application security configuration provides for adequate protection of sensitive data and transactions.
  • Segregation of Duties: Determine if controls are in place to ensure segregation of duties of critical functions.
  • Business Process Controls: Determine if controls exist that will detect, authorize, and correct errors to transactions on a timely basis.


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