Data infrastructures are highly dynamic, with changes in accounts, configurations and patches occurring regularly. Most organizations lack the centralized control or skilled resources to review changes systematically to determine if they have introduced security gaps. Database vulnerability assessment is essential, as it identifies threats and security holes in databases or the underlying operating system which could be exploited by intruders and hackers to gain access to sensitive data.

With the average data breach now costing companies more than $5.4 million, is this something your organization can afford?

Join us for this IBM tech talk exploring the power and flexibility of the InfoSphere Guardium Vulnerability Assessment. Mike Martin will demonstrate how BTRG created a PeopleSoft-specific VA and will describe in detail how to use this capability to make your own business case for corrections. Louis Lam will then demonstrate additional features that help you unlock the power of the system, including query-based test builder enhancements, GUI enhancements, and more.

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