Join us in an engaging series of free 30-min informative webinars that will provide an in depth look at the critical Data Governance trends and issues.

Benefits of attending the series

  • Practical steps on achieving governance across the organization.
  • Proven strategies for maximizing your return on data.
  • Learn how to unlock business value through a unique approach to data governance.

Stay tuned for special bonus webinars that will be available exclusively through our series.

The Big Data Buzz: Big Opportunity or Big Hype?


Is Big Data simply a popular buzzword or the launch of a new era? The term is pervasive and still the idea causes confusion. We’ll help answer what it really means for you and how you can begin to prepare your company for the Big Data trend.

How the New HIPAA Regulations Will Affect Your Business


The HIPAA Omnibus Rule, which modifies the privacy, security and enforcement rules, is effective March 26, 2013. Expanded regulation changes may dramatically affect your business.

Top 5 Reasons your Data is Costing your
Business More Money than you Think

An estimated 70 percent of information is often needlessly retained. When it comes to business, time is money, but so is data.

The Top 10 Reasons your Data is not
as Protected as you Might Think


Your databases are one of your most sensitive and vulnerable assets and they are currently not as protected as they should be. Data security breaches are a growing concern affecting all industries and government agencies.

Bonus Webinar: How to Accelerate the Value of Content Management


We are pleased to invite you to attend a Webinar specifically designed to help you understand how FileNet users can take the next step in making content smarter.
Companies are struggling to store and manage the rapidly growing amount of information, both structured data and unstructured content. With an integrated approach BTRG and IBM can enable you to save millions while at the same time maximizing the value of your business information to gain competitive advantage.

5 Ways you Can Lower Costs, Reduce Risk
and Improve Processes at the Same Time


Organizations can be more agile by effectively managing the cost and risk of enterprise content from capture to disposal. With a clear unified vision of Information Lifecycle Management: you can reduce risk, improve your organization’s efficiency and save a lot of money in the process to capture value from Big Data.

How to Build a Big Data Governance Strategy


Get Expert advice on how to set up and manage an effective data governance framework. Leveraging best practices and proven technologies to assembling the right data governance processes, policies and people in your organization. Find out more about unlocking Big Data to create value.

Bonus Webinar: What’s new in Optim 9.1


As part of BTRG health check we will layout what’s new in the latest releases of Optim and how to take advantage of the latest enhancements

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