If you’re like most PeopleSoft customers, you have multiple copies of data in non-production environments that are exposing sensitive data.

Is your organization failing to mask its sensitive PeopleSoft data when copying into non-production environments?  Or, is your organization masking their non-production PeopleSoft environments, but the process is done laboriously and manually?

With over 20 years of PeopleSoft experience, we at BTRG have found that many companies do not mask their non-production environments because they find it to be a difficult and/or unnecessary practice.  But, with data breaches continuing to make headlines and costing millions, can your organization afford a breach?

Utilizing our extensive background with PeopleSoft, we have developed a methodology that allows for data masking to be done through a highly automated process, eliminating costly man-hours, all while providing BILLIONS in data security value.   In addition this methodology can be rolled out through all applications to expedite the protection of your entire enterprise.


Our methodology has provided recent results such as:

  • Masking 18 Applications in 14 weeks – completing ahead of time and UNDER budget
  • Providing $21 BILLION in Data Protection

Please join us for our Webinar: “Masking Data in PeopleSoft: Best Practices” on January 15th at 1pm EST to learn about how your organization can more easily secure their non-production PeopleSoft environment.

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