June 15, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Alanna Whearley

Many BTRG clients are facing the challenge of accurately reporting revenue from a growing global market. Adding to the urgency of this challenge is the need to be compliant with changing Revenue Recognition standards.

BTRG is solving these issues through the use of new features built into Oracle’s Revenue Management Cloud product. The new functionality clarifies revenue accounting with its control capabilities, streamlined automation, and built-in compliance for the new complex Revenue Recognition goals.

The “old” way of recognizing revenue is not compliant with the new rules, and organizations need to understand it may be difficult to comply without addressing their current ERP application’s limitations.
BTRG has expertise in the functionalities of the Revenue Management Cloud and can help your organization enable these capabilities to develop a revenue management roadmap that meets new regulations and simplifies revenue reporting.

In this session we will introduce you to Oracle Revenue Management Cloud as well as:

  • Revenue Management Simplification Opportunities
    • Automation – Standardized cost control, integrated time and expense capture, streamlined contract compliance, revenue recognition, and timely billing
    • Controls – Strong internal controls enhance risk management in multiple ways
    • Compliance – Compliance with GAAP, International Accounting Standards, ASC 606, and IFRS 15.
  • Lessons Learned from implementations of the product
    • Rapid Start Up – Enabling your process demonstration capabilities
    • Inputs – Expenses, Time, Contracts, etc.
    • Outputs – Cash Management, Collections – Completing the process

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