Did you know that?

  • 80 % of unstructured content is currently not being managed by organizations
  • 60% of managers miss key information when making business decisions

The biggest source of unstructured growth is coming from data inside the enterprise. Behind every corporate firewall lies petabytes of unstructured and unmanaged information. How much is out there, where is it, how old is it? It’s impossible to create an informed governance and information management strategy, or make any decisions at all, if you don’t understand the scope of the problem.

Join BTRG & IBM as we present a webinar discussing how companies can improve information economics by better aligning information cost and its value. Learn more about this approach to solving unstructured data problems and how StoredIQ provides the first solution to identify, analyze and act on unstructured data in-place, without moving your data to a repository or specialty application.


Webinar Takeaways

  • Find information relevant in critical litigation matters
  • Know what information is no longer needed, and could be deleted with confidence
  • Solve big data problems and manage information more efficiently to reduce cost and risk


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