With the recent release of HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2, many of BTRG’s customers are interested in what is available to them.  I am currently in the process of leading one of our customers through a detailed assessment/fit-gap of these new features in preparation for their  HCM upgrade from 8.9 to 9.1 FP2.  My next few blog posts will focus on the new features of FP2 and how we’ve found our customers will most benefit from these new enhancements.  I hope you find this information helpful.

Some information on how the assessment is going to be handled are included below.  We have estimated a 6 week process to accomplish the assessment of the following modules:

– Core HR, Benefits Administration, NA Payroll, Time & Labor, Recruiting (TAM/CG)

The 6 weeks will include the following tasks:

Week 1 – Kick Off Week
– onboarding/logistics
– project planning and preparation for current state review

Week 2 – Current State Review Week
– create agendas and hold current state review and pain points meetings for each module
– prepare list of fit/gap sessions and topics for each; create detailed agendas for each session
– book all meetings for attendees included in each fit/gap session

Week 3 – Fit/Gap Week 1
– hold half of the fit/gap sessions for each module this week
– we scheduled 2 HR sessions, 2 Recruiting sessions, 1 Payroll, 1 TL

Week 4 – Fit/Gap Week 2
– hold remaining fit/gap sessions for each module this week
– we scheduled 1 HR session, 1 Recruiting session, 2 Payroll, 2 TL

Week 5 – Draft Documentation Week
– create and review first draft “Assessment Recommendation” document
– create and review second draft “Assessment Recommendation” document

Week 6 – Final Documentation Week
– help client build initial Project Plan for Upgrade Project based on recommendation
– create final “Assessment Recommendation” document
– review overall recommendation with client

Please check back next week for my first blog on the new features. I will be covering Manager Dashboard as my first topic. It looks amazing and I’m excited to hear how our customer will plan to utilize this new feature for their 800+ managers.

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