Information is at the heart of all IT systems. If managed and secured properly, it can be your most valuable asset. However, if not properly managed, data can easily bog down system performance, increase application upgrade time, and become a point of serious risk.

BTRG helps our clients transform their business by reducing costs, improving efficiency, protecting sensitive data, and ensuring compliance.

Example Results:

  • 18 applications secured in 14 weeks and 40% under budget while providing $20 billon dollars of data protection
  • Improved PeopleSoft performance by 60%
  • Reduced non-production environments by up to 90%
  • Improved PeopleSoft upgrade times by 30% to 50%

Data is growing at 30% to 50% or more and IT budgets are growing at 1% or shrinking. This is an unsustainable economic situation.  Data breaches are occurring more frequently and the cost of a breach is on the rise. The answer to these issues is to store data according to its value and  secure sensitive data and systems. BTRG can not only solve these issues in PeopleSoft but also implement data solutions across your organization with a scalable enterprise approach.

Some of our offerings:

  • Secure data to meet regulations, audit requirements, and prevent data breaches
  • Manage data volume and improve system performance by retirement of legacy data stores and archiving inactive data
  • Switch from copying full production to creating right sized non-production environments
  • Manage database data and non-relational data stores with equal effectiveness
  • Reduce PeopleSoft upgrade time
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