Optim™ Health Check™ Service Offering

Get the Most Out of Your Optim™ Investment


Have you implemented Optim and would like to ensure you gain the most from your investment? While initial implementations may have met your business goals at the time, the business environment is constantly changing. Managing change in your IT environment is difficult and the pressure to reduce cost while increasing efficiencies is at an all-time high.

BTRG is an IBM Premier Partner and Beacon award winner with a focus on InfoSphere Optim™ solutions. In fact BTRG has completed more Optim implementations than any other partner in North America. We have developed a standardized assessment of existing Optim™ implementations based on years of experience and best practices. Our goal is to help IBM customers maximize business value from Optim™ investments and build continuous return on investment (ROI) into the future

For more information about how BTRG’s HealthCheck can help you get the most out of your Optim™ investment contact Ian Wight today at iwight@btrgroup.com or 877.287.4462 x 7004

  • Review impact of Optim™ on enterprise applications
  • Review Optim™ versions for upgrade benefits
  • Review Archive or Retired data accessibility
  • Review Sub-setting and Data Privacy configuration
  • Measure current Optim™ state to original business drivers
  • Review Optim™ installation against industry best practices
  • Deliver a detailed document outlining all recommendations
  • Increase ROI and Business Value from Optim™
    • Increase cost savings
    • Reduce Risk
  • Optim™ tune up for peak performance and efficiency
    • Better performance, greater stability
  • Identify additional ROI opportunities
  • Architecture and Infrastructure improvements
  • Identify Optim™ upgrade benefits
  • Gain insight into data accessibility
  • Improve the effectiveness of Sub-setting and Data Privacy solution(s)
  • Architecture and infrastructure review
  • Comprehensive performance checking and tuning
  • Gather metrics on implementation to date

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