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Many of BTRG’s clients realize the value of effective planning, performance management, and financial analysis with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) portfolio that includes Hyperion and Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI). Hyperion’s industry leading Planning module delivers a flexible and extensible framework providing organizations with a budgeting, forecasting and planning tool that offer central rates management, multiple scenario analysis, and complex forecasting and trending. The Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting solution is a comprehensive tool that supports public sector position and capital budgeting needs. Hyperion Finanical Close Management is an invaluable tool when consolidating ledgers or subledgers and ensuring Sarbanes Oxley Act compliance with full governance and transparency. Close Management supports and manages all close activities across multiple ledgers including supplemental data. Rounding out the EPM portfolio, Oracle’s Business Intelligence (OBI) suite augments the Hyperion toolset to provide strategic and performance management as well as comprehensive performance monitoring and reporting.

For BTRG’s clients that rely on “real-time” analytics to give them that strategic advantage over their competitors…..Hyperion is the go-to choice.

BTRG has over 20 years of industry expert staff and support in PeopleSoft, IBM, and Hyperion to deliver successful budgeting implementations that result in solid client partnerships.

As one of the first implementers of Hyperion’s Public Sector module, BTRG maintains a collaborative relationship with Oracle in supporting the development of new public sector features used in future releases by communicating through structured knowledge transfer and timely customer feedback

BTRG’s Oracle practice specializes in performance-based budget transformation in state and local government. This experience helps customers navigate the organizational landscape utilizing solid change management techniques and a structured business process redesign approach.

Government project experience enables BTRG to collaborate and support clients leveraging strong performance management practices including comprehensive documentation, risk mitigation, change management planning for unparalleled support from kick-off to deployment.

The Hyperion Planning and Budgeting module provides a comprehensive, out-of-the-box position budgeting solution that captures most of the attributes associated with both positions and employees. Positions and/or employees FTE levels are assigned with start and end dates. This allows positions or employees to be budgeted as part-time employees (less than 1.0 FTE for the entire year), part-year employees, or a combination of both providing tremendous flexibility with FTE appropriation and budgeting.

Position elements such as position type (single Incumbent, multiple incumbent, contract, etc.), position title, salary basis, default weekly hours, adjustment and anniversary dates, and spread characteristics are tracked within the budget system. Position/employee changes can be frozen by simply removing future adjustments or not applying adjustments to flagged positions. In addition, new positions can be created during budgeting and included in budget appropriations only if approved. New positions are maintained in a separate hierarchy from existing positions to allow reporting of new position costs. BTRG has also developed a RIF enhancement that allows organizations to track costs associated with deleted positions.

Hyperion Planning and Budgeting

  • Performance Budgeting
  • Workforce Budgeting
  • Reports
  • ERP Integration
  • Decision Packages
  • Budget Books

Business Intelligence and Hyperion

Now more than ever customers are utilizing performance management (Hyperion) and business intelligence together. Hyperion adds complementary products to Oracle’s business intelligence offerings including a leading enterprise planning solution, world-class financial close and reporting products, and a powerful multi-source OLAP server. Partnered with Oracle’s BI tools and pre-packaged analytic applications, the combination redefines business intelligence and performance management by providing the first integrated, end-to-end Enterprise Performance Management System that spans planning, financial close, operational analytic applications, BI tools, reporting, and data integration, all on a unified BI platform.

Oracle’s Business Intelligence includes the following capabilities:

Learn More About Hyperion

  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Performance Management
  • Monitoring and Reporting

Planning and Budgeting is anchored by two primary technologies:

  • Oracle Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting
  • BTRG’s MFRConnect
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