Enterprise Data Management for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Data Protection

Data is growing and moving faster than healthcare organizations can consume it.  This data resides in multiple places like individual EMRs, lab and imaging systems, physician notes, medical correspondence, claims, CRM systems and finance. As tumultuous as the current environment is, it is expected to become even more complex over the next several years.

The healthcare industry is currently maintaining large volumes of data are stored in various data repositories across the enterprise. In addition, organizations are constantly looking to eliminate excess data volume, reduce storage requirements and trim costs.

By managing data properly over its lifetime, healthcare organizations are better equipped support business goals with less risk.

Properly securing information has never been more critical for organizations in the healthcare industry. According to Ponemon Institute, more than percent of healthcare organizations say they have suffered at least one data breach in the past two years and 45 percent report that they have had more than five incidents.

The new HIPAA rule went into effect on September 23, 2013. Penalties can reach a maximum of $1.5 million annually per type of violation.

BTRG’s Big Data Security Framework provides the landscape to ensure that your environment is secure and compliant. Our comprehensive approach includes a one day security risk assessment to accurately define your potential for exposure, expert guidance and best practices to mitigate your risk as well as enterprise-wide coverage to protect your data and effectively address regulations.

The healthcare industry depends on critical applications to drive results. Healthcare organizations are constantly looking to eliminate excess data volume, reduce storage requirements and trim costs. With structure data growing at exponential rate, structure data management is an organizational priority.

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