Information Economics

The Lifeblood of Your Organization
Information has value but it also has cost and creates risk. While most organizations view information as the lifeblood of their organizations, very few can quantify its value. Most still struggle to measure true information cost or accurately characterize the risk it presents. Information is perishable — it loses value over time — but its cost is relatively constant, while risks rise as data ages. As information volume and regulatory scrutiny expand, extracting that value and minimizing cost and risk get more difficult.

The CIO and IT face a critical situation where information is growing at 50% or more while the budget is only growing 1 or 2% per year. According to a survey by the CGOC, 17% of IT budgets are now spent on storage, eDiscovery costs average over $3 million per case – and 70% of information is often needlessly retained.

DataBTRG can help improve your information economics strategy, lower information cost and reduce risk while maximizing data value.

Cost and Risk Reduction
Enables Disposal

Cost Reduction
Normalizes Growth Curve

The BTRG Data Masking Factory™ extends the data privacy capabilities of InfoSphere Optim™. It enables companies to economically mask sensitive customer, financial and employee data, on a large scale, enterprise-wide. By implementing the Data Masking Factory™ companies can maintain regulatory compliance, data security and privacy while reducing project costs and time.

The Data Masking Factory™ supports the market’s leading database platforms including DB2, SQL Server and Oracle. It enables data privacy strategies and requirements to be delivered on an industrial scale, while remaining cost-effective using the industry-leading solution on the market today, IBM Optim™

  • Reduces implementation costs up to 40 percent
  • Combines InfoSphere Optim’s™ requirements, analysis, design, build and documentation steps into ONE automated process
  • Fully automates the development of InfoSphere Optim™
  • Simple and intuitive interface; reducing the InfoSphere Optim™ learning curve
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Data Explosion™ for InfoSphere Optim
Project-Centric TDM for InfoSphere Optim
Masking Made Easy
Reducing Costs and Increasing ROI using IBM Optim™
IBM Optim – Test Data Management
IBM InfoSphere Optim™ Drives HIPAA Compliance
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