Does Information Governance include Big Data?

I believe we should include Big Data in Information Governance, after all one of the major issues we try to solve with Information Governance is data volume and I consider Big Data solutions to be yet another tool in the arsenal of Information Governance. My focus on Information Governance is getting tangible results for my customers as quickly as possible, Big Data solutions such as Big Insights and Streams from IBM certainly help with that, although I think we are still figuring out exactly how. I think the understanding of exactly what Big Data can bring to the Information Governance community still has room to develop, if we embrace this topic we can help develop and promote ways to work with Big Data.

Should Data and Information Governance policies and practices differ based on the size of data sets, methods of analysis?

Again, in my very “results” oriented approach I see many examples of Information Governance. I typically build from the ground up, solving critical problems as we build toward a governance strategy for our customers. Therefore I see all types of solutions, based on not only size and methods but also on what problems are being solved. On the other hand I think standards by definition can and should be universal, but there are many facets and powerful solutions always have flexibility.

For more information on IBM Infosphere Big Insights:
For more information on IBM Infosphere Streams:

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