Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g (OBIEE) is an all-inclusive solution to meet your business intelligence (BI) needs. This application gives you access to interactive dashboards, interactive queries, enterprise and financial reporting, geospatial components, and business process improvements. One of the latest features within Edition 11g is Scorecard and Strategy Management (OSSM). OSSM gives the user an interface to store and track all of their performance data. This tool was developed to loosely resemble a Balanced Scorecard approach, but it is completely adaptable to any performance management methodology.

Much of the data and analysis within OSSM begins with your Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These indicators display data based on actual and target values, trend calculating, and other advanced calculations tailored to your data and performance milestones. Once the KPI’s are defined, they can be added to a KPI Watchlist. Watchlists are customized to capture the KPI’s that are most important to you, making status and trends easy to communicate and track. (Figure 1)


Figure 1. KPI Watchlist – Source: Oracle.

After the data is defined, OSSM has built-in capabilities to graphically represent how the KPI’s are trending, including pie charts, organizational charts, thermometer gauges, trend charts (Figure 2), strategy trees and wheels, cause and effect maps, and many other customizable options.

Figure 2. Trend Charts – Source: Oracle.

OSSM also has point of view (POV), comment, and document features that further optimize communication. POV’s can be used to view data from a department or management perspective, and comments can build discussions on encouraging or improving performance. Adding Documents to the Scorecard ensures that sales reports and strategic plans are always within reach.

From a development perspective, Scorecard contains all of the necessary elements to build and track performance data. Based on preferences, a user can define all of the KPI’s in OSSM, which saves time by eliminating the need to jump to different screens or development modules.

Overall, OBIEE 11g and OSSM are tools that can raise your BI productivity to the next level. For more information, visit the OSSM product page for demonstrations, and contact our TrueNorth Performance Management team leader, Kim Butterworth at

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