As BTRG provides demos of version 9.2 to clients, it is common to hear “Wow! PeopleSoft has really come a long way.” In the early days of the application, it’s most appealing feature was the graphical user interface and client/server architecture, despite the functionality being admittedly inferior to some host-based systems at that time. Fortunately, PeopleSoft included modern “PeopleTools,” which allowed customers to add missing features and customize the software to meet their needs. It seemed like the best of both worlds, but many implementations fell short of expectations when teams simply re-created their old system on a new client-server platform.  In financial management, the same chart of accounts was maintained, or in human resource management, the same recruit-to-hire processes remained dependent on paper resumes and forms.

As PeopleSoft matured, organizations soon realized the impact of over-customizing as they endured costly upgrades.   BTRG shifted our methods toward business process analysis and we encouraged the adoption of the best-practice capabilities embedded in the delivered software.  Our customers called it “moving back to vanilla” and reduced customizations.  In some cases existing customers have made a deliberate move to transform their business using PeopleSoft as the driver.  These transformational projects are a chance to change business for the better.  Today, it’s common to reduce customizations and use the software as it was designed.

With the release of 9.2, both existing and new customers are ready to adopt delivered business processes.  Fortunately, PeopleSoft is at the peak of its capabilities, which makes it easier than ever to improve your business.   Notably, the usability of the product has improved to minimize the number of clicks necessary to perform routine functions.  Just as HTML 5 websites have become more interactive, Oracle has focused on organizing common activities into Work Centers where common tasks can be initiated from a single page.  Pages refresh based on interactive input, improving end user experience and increasing productivity.

Similarly, businesses have shifted focus from transaction processing to data analysis and decision support.  Here too PeopleSoft delivers with embedded analytics, grids and pivot tables organized in such a way that users can see the data they need to make business decisions.  Reducing the dependence on reports has long been the promise of these systems and PeopleSoft 9.2 makes it a reality – a clear advantage of a mature and capable software solution.

In certain industries, no competitor can match the features and capabilities of PeopleSoft.  Despite new software choices, PeopleSoft is experiencing a renaissance.  Existing customers who upgrade to 9.2 are seeing real benefits.  Our earliest upgrade customers are experiencing a reduction in customizations of up to 70%, and the upgrade projects are being completed in record time and at the lowest cost ever.  Organizations are willing to challenge the status quo processes and change procedures and policies to streamline human capital and financial management. At BTRG we’re helping clients take a hard look at their requirements and determine modern ways of meeting those requirements in a more cost effective way. This is only possible because of the depth of capabilities built into PeopleSoft 9.2.

The features and capabilities are at a peak, and the reach of PeopleSoft is expanding.  The concepts pioneered in employee and manager self-serve are now pervasive throughout the PeopleSoft product.  Travel and expense reporting, recruit-to-hire decision making and inventory management are just a few of the areas re-designed for the end user.  Furthermore, PeopleSoft delivers mobile capabilities and support for mobile devices and platforms.  The goal is to bring PeopleSoft out of the back-office and bring it to executives, decision makers at all levels and even suppliers and key business partners.

While there is intense hype around software being delivered in the cloud, few organizations are willing to give up high functionality.  Can you have both? Yes!  BTRG is excited about delivering PeopleSoft-As-A-Service (PSaaS) deployed in the cloud and based on subscription pricing. Check out our introductory video here, and keep your eyes open for a separate blog post to dive deeper into this topic.

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