Often seen as a mixed blessing, new features are consistently being delivered by Oracle for PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 via the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM). One of the most difficult things for our clients to do is keep up with these changes and determine if the new features are worth taking the time to apply to their production environment. Image 14 included a total of 34 changes to HCM. While most modules had new features delivered within the image, this blog focuses on 3 impactful features that were delivered within North American Payroll and Time & Labor.

  • Mobile Paycheck
  • Direct Deposit Security
  • Time and Labor Auto Enrollment

North American Payroll

Most of BTRG’s HCM customers have North American Payroll implemented in their production environments. Two new features that I believe are worthwhile for our customers are Mobile Paycheck and Direct Deposit Security.

Mobile Paycheck

The mobile application will allow employees to view their paychecks from a mobile device. Below is a sample image of what the list of available paychecks would look like on your mobile device.

Direct Deposit Security

PeopleSoft has delivered new functionality which includes the option to mask the employee’s bank account number and the ability to notify the employee when changes are made to his or her direct deposit information.

The system masks all but the last four characters of a paycheck direct deposit account number on all employee pages, administrator pages and all PDF and non-PDF wage statements (paychecks and payslips).





Time & Labor

Every BTRG Time & Labor customer has customized their product in some way to help automate maintenance of the Time & Labor enrollment data for a time reporter. Image 14 of PeopleSoft’s HCM 9.2 reduces the need for these customizations through delivered Time and Labor features.

Time and Labor Auto Enrollment

This feature provides a streamlined approach to enrolling and maintaining employees and contingent workers in Time and Labor.


By enabling auto enrollment you can process auto enrollments in real time or through a batch process. You can preview the enrollment results prior to loading them to the Time and Labor Enrollment data tables. You can also provide a list of employees to exclude from the auto enrollment process. You can even control when the employee’s enrollment is deactivated due to termination or transfer.

After you’ve configured the system to enable auto enrollment, use the Enrollment Group and Schedule Assignment Group guided activities to setup the attributes for the auto enrollments. You setup the default time reporter data information, the time reporting preferences and the schedule information that should be assigned for the employee. The configuration is very easy to setup using this guided feature.



The enrollment process updates time reporter data for all new hires including concurrent employment instances, rehires, terminations, job data changes and other configured HR actions. With this functionality, you can also configure any other actions to trigger auto. The solution provides an optional check step for the administrators to review the data prior to the process committing the change. Delivered reports provide load and error information. The frequency of time reporter data changes can be real-time or scheduled in a batch process based on the configurable option chosen.

The rapid release of new functionality provides Oracle customers with the opportunity to adopt new features in smaller, more manageable increments. However, we’ve found that it can be challenging for our clients to determine which features are most applicable to their business. Image 14 of PeopleSoft 9.2 HCM certainly delivered important new functionality for our customers who utilize HCM. Throughout this blog series I will clue you in on what I believe to be the most valuable facets of PeopleSoft Images on the HCM side as they are released.

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