PeopleSoft Security Assessment

Data breaches now cost organizations $5.5 million on average and $194 per compromised record. According to the study, there were 855 reported data breaches involving 174 million records last year totaling over $33 Billion dollars, — Ponemon study.

Studies show that these data breaches are increasing at a record pace and they are costing companies millions of dollars annually. A large university’s PeopleSoft system was recently breached and cost the university over $92 million. Don’t let your PeopleSoft environment become a part of these alarming statistics. With ever-increasing data security threats, now more than ever, it’s important to protect and secure your PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications.


  • Execute database and application vulnerability assessment tools
  • Gather database application metrics
  • Review content data stores for security vulnerabilities
  • Architecture and Infrastructure review


  • Architecture and infrastructure profile
  • Vulnerability Scorecards
  • Security assessment report
  • Best Practices Recommendation document


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