We were extremely excited to see so many PeopleSoft users turn out for last week’s webinar around PeopleTools 8.55. Below are the questions/comments we received with our responses. If you have further questions please email askjanet@btrgroup.com or asksurafel@btrgroup.com

Does DPK’s support only Peopletools upgrade 8.55?
DPKs were introduced with the 8.55 version of PeopleTools.

We are in PeopleSoft 9.1 Application Version and we are planning to only upgrade our Tools version to 8.55… So in this case do we need to adopt to PUM way of Patching (or) We can continue to patch our system with our regular patch method like we do for tools 8.53 version?
The PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) isn’t assessable until you get to v9.2.

Does a client have to create Fluid pages or do they come delivered from Oracle?
The majority of the Fluid pages are now delivered by Oracle and will continue to be released via PUM images. Clients will still have the ability to create their own custom pages as needed.

SES will still be available after Elastic is GA, at least for the duration of SES life.
This is confirmed by Oracle.

Do you have any customers who have converted crystal reports using bar codes on every 5160 labels?
We have converted crystal reports using bar codes to BI Publisher for many of our clients. Would have to confirm about the Avery 5160 Label portion.

Can you show what menus/pages have still not been converted to Fluid in 8.55?

In general, Oracle has targeted pages with heavy user traffic like self-service pages first but are now moving towards converting core transaction pages. Our suggestion is to install an 8.55 environment and navigate throughout the application to get a better understanding of what’s Fluid versus Classic.

There’s actually ways to turn the Fluid default off in 8.55. It’s just not on the Web Profile.
That’s correct. It’s done through configuration but Oracle doesn’t recommend it.

Any idea if Elastic Search will be part of 8.55.xx or will it be available for prior tools like 8.54?

Currently, Elastic Search will only be available for 8.55 users.

These CA features were really pain.. Good that Tools 8.55 finally removes these.

We feel the same way!

Have you guys try to setup Health Center in 8.55 ?

Yes, it’s been a great addition to performance monitor.

This looks nice on the iPhone. Does it also work well on the Samsung?
Yes, it works well on the Chrome browser.

I noticed from your today presentation that DPK will be available on Windows and Linux. We are UNIX AIX shop. Do you know anything about DPK for UNIX?

Oracle has announced that it will support all of the O/S platforms that are supported by PeopleTools on DPK sometime in 2016. Unfortunately, I can’t give you the exact date but keep on the lookout on www.peoplesoftinfo.com for any updates.

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