Ongoing PeopleSoft Support

Our PeopleSoft experts are here for you. Go ahead, submit a ticket. The answer to your question is just a click away!

BTRG offers our customers a unique and adaptive PeopleSoft support model to ensure that your ERP environment is functioning at an optimum level. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are achieving the complete benefit and ROI after implementing PeopleSoft. The BTRG support model ensures stability and operating efficiency.

BTRG has built a comprehensive and structured methodology that integrates technology and the business functions of all stakeholders of the ERP system. The BTRG model is founded on the principles of strong governance, adaptable technology, flexible pricing options, and integrating the model of Continuous Business Improvement into our support. Continuous Business Improvement (CBI) is embedded into our structure to assist clients in identifying areas of system improvement, including configuration and business process changes that could have the highest impact on overall operating efficiencies. Production issues that are entered into our database for resolution are analyzed for not only immediate resolution closure, but also for root cause effect.

Our assigned Production Engagement Manager reviews all tickets with our internal team and prioritizes issues that could have a substantial impact on our clients for future improvement. BTRG strives to not only solve immediate production issues but prevent future issues from arising, as well as make recommendations on improving overall process efficiencies. As a standard model BTRG offers three support tiers categorized into four priority levels. Depending on our customers and their needs we will work to customize our support to best match your requirements. BTRG also offers our PeopleSoft 9.2 customers the ability to stay current on your PeopleSoft application updates.

BTRG will streamline the update and upgrade process by utilizing the PeopleSoft Update Manager to apply all, or a subset, of patches to your environments. This permits faster, more streamlined updates and upgrades, making it less difficult and less expensive for your ERP and IT leaders to stay current.

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  • Dedicated Production Engagement Manager

  • Streamline Updates with BTRG Managed Services and PUM (PeopleSoft Update Manager)

  • Solve Immediate Production Issue

  • Prevent Future Issues

  • Auto Case Escalation and Quick Time-to-Close

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