Today I got my car serviced for its yearly maintenance check-up. Why am I mentioning this random and useless fact to you? Well, it got me thinking that every year, each company should do a Data Management check-up. If you are an IBM InfoSphere Optim customer, some of the annual questions to ask should be:

  • Optim performance – do the processes perform well, can they be improved?
  • Are we on the latest version of Optim?
  • What is needed to get the tool fully implemented within our environment?
  • Have we met our original goals and objectives? Review original goals and success criteria and determine if they have been properly met.
  • Requirements review – Are there any items that still remain to be accomplished?
  • Can we be getting more out of Optim? Evaluate ROI and determine what can be done to get more out of the product.

As a consultant we often do not see how a past client is doing with the product once we turn over the keys.  Have they been maintaining their investment in the Optim suite? What types of best practices are in place?

In this economic environment, money needs to be spent as efficnetly and effective as possible in order to help keep data under control and get additional value out of the existing software. Performing a yearly “check-up” is one way for your company to do this.


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