The Perfect Stepping Stone into the Cloud

Chances are, you’ve been hearing about the Cloud buzz for a few years now. It’s no longer a question of “if” but “how soon” when it comes to embracing Cloud technologies at your organization. Our usual recommendation to clients is to start by dipping your toes in the Cloud pool before taking a full nose dive. A hybrid approach is the simplest way to prove the benefits of Cloud while easing some of the apprehension that may exist. As a consultant at BTRG, I’ve had the chance to work with both on and off premise HCM solutions. I am able to compare a legacy system like PeopleSoft to the new emerging Cloud products on the market. The Performance and Succession piece of Oracle Talent Management Cloud provides the perfect opportunity for your organization to reap the benefits of a Cloud solution, without losing out when it comes to functionality.

Performance and Succession in Oracle HCM Cloud will allow your organization to:
• Empower your workforce by setting meaningful SMART goals
• Evaluate employees efficiently through template-based performance management
• Engage employees through high-impact career development plans
• Enable management to assess organizational trends in automated talent review meetings
• Ensure that succession plans are in place for critical roles within the company


Figure 1: Users are able to track and manage their goals directly on their My Goals page

Figure 2: Performance evaluation progress can be monitored for an entire organization

Figure 3: Succession plans can be created for the most critical roles within your company

Oracle’s Performance piece of HCM Cloud was based directly on features and functionality available in the PeopleSoft product. On top of the extensive functionality, robust analytics ensure that the leaders within your organization can make effective, timely decisions. At BTRG, we have implemented Goal and Performance Management internally using Oracle HCM Cloud in the past year. Our employees are happy to have performance feedback on a consistent basis, while being able to set and track goals throughout the year. It was a quick win for us and could be one for your company as well!

As with any of the other Oracle Cloud modules, additional features and functionality are constantly being made available to customers. To get up to speed on the latest release, visit the Oracle Cloud Release Readiness page for Talent Management. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

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