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Talent Acquisition & Retention – Growing companies find that at a certain point on their growth curve, disjointed systems, inefficient processes and siloed information start to hinder their ability to attract, recruit and retain key employees and roles. Limited budget and resources combined with the need to stay agile create a real pressure point especially when hiring, retaining and training key employees.

Recruitment & Performance Management – Growing companies don’t have the time or resources to recruit and retain key employees with manual processes. They need an easy to deploy solution that ties together their key roles and responsibilities with internal and external recruitment and at the same time ties back to the human capital system of record to support employee lifecycle management from hire to fire processes.

Leadership Agility – Growing organizations need to determine key leadership within the organization that supports the overall strategic objectives. Managers need the right information at the right time. Due to their need to react faster to change than their competitors, they need to implement solutions quickly that deliver fast time to value.


How you find, grow, and retain the best people



Enabling communication, collaboration, and increased engagement


Built in functionality to analyze your data and make informed predictions

Mobile and Engaging

Mobile capabilities for “on the go” consumption

SLAC HCM Finanacial Re Implementation

Advancing to 9.2 instead of 9.1 would provide more features and more alignment with overall project goals. The scope of work included Core HR and Absence Management.

Reducing Customizations with PeopleSoft 9.2 Financials

Berkadia’s upgrade went live in October 2013. It was one of the first go-lives of PeopleSoft 9.2 since its release in March 2013. BTRG’s core team of three PeopleSoft experts completed the project in six months, yielding benefits that include a 74% reduction in customizations.

Transforming HCM with PeopleSoft: HR Direct for Managers & Employees

Modernizing human resources, transforming the employee experience, and attracting talent have been ongoing objectives for this hospital.

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