Battelle’s development environment was growing at a rate of 6 terabytes a year. This large data growth had an adverse affect on the daily reporting functions within this environment. In addition, Battelle had just moved its PeopleSoft Financials application off of SQL Server and onto an externally hosted Oracle environment. To reduce the cost of hosting three environments with 6 terabytes of data, Battelle needed a solution to reduce the amount of non-production data and reduce the cost of the externally hosted environment.

BTRG Solution

Having the most InfoSphere Optim™ implementations than any other IBM partner in North America, BTRG knew Battelle needed to implement a solution to improve application quality, cut IT and storage costs while maintaining project data referential integrity throughout all the Financials modules. Maintaining referential integrity of these relationships is critical; if relationships between data become broken, the function of development environment could be compromised.

BTRG worked with Battelle’s PeopleSoft team to define the project requirements. Once defined, BTRG developed a Project-Centric Test Data Management (TDM) solution for the customer in order to meet its requirements.

For Federal Governments, contractors and commercial entities the Project_ID is especially ideal. The Project_ID is the key value, the source, to reference all other rows throughout the Financials modules. In a relational DB, there are key values that uniquely identify rows or in this case projects.  BTRG uses the Project_ID to associate all transactions in all modules within PS. We carry over transactions related to each project into the TDM DB.



Typically, InfoSphere Optim™ Test Data Management subsets criteria by year, not project. BTRG’s Project-Centric TDM solution, utilizes the Project_ID as the subsetting criteria to capture an entire project and restore it into a non-production environment.

BTRG’s InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management solution allowed BTRG to minimize Battelle’s non-production database footprint, reducing the cost to externally host all three environments. In addition, BTRG was able to maintain project data referential integrity throughout all PeopleSoft Financials modules.

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