AmeriHealth Mercy PeopleSoft HCM and Financials 9.1 Upgrade

AmeriHealth Mercy PeopleSoft HCM and Financials 9.1 Upgrade

Solutions Opportunity

The goal of the project, which was completed in 10 months, was to upgrade AmeriHealth Mercy’s PeopleSoft HCM and Financial applications and implement a Shared Services model of an ever expanding nationwide company and in doing so, take full advantage of the new functionality delivered in the latest release. The executive steering committees top priorities were not unlike most companies;

  • Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness by automating key business processes
  • Generate more accessible reporting
  • Eliminate costly customizations and stay vanilla
  • Eliminated manual, paper-based hiring processes and increased visibility and accountability
  • Implement a Shared Service model to allow for correct and efficient onboarding of multiple companies join the Family at a very fast pace.

“BTRG was quite responsive to the ever-changing demands of a project. Whether it meant providing additional resources to support testing efforts or having resources available during ‘go-live’ weekends, BTRG did a fine job of making sure we were in a position to succeed.”

–Kathleen Roberts, Vice President Human Resources, AmeriHealth Mercy


Through a competitive bidding process, BTRG was selected from among the leading PeopleSoft systems integrators to perform AmeriHealth Mercy’s upgrade from PeopleSoft HCM and Financials 8.9 to 9.1. BTRG was chosen because of its almost 20 year history of successful PeopleSoft upgrades and implementations combined with its enduring experience in the healthcare insurance payer and provider industry.


The implementation was to include an upgrade to AmeriHealth’s existing PeopleSoft HCM and Financial 8.9 modules while simultaneously integrating third party applications.

In addition to project management and executive leadership, AmerHealth Mercy relied exclusively on BTRG for expertise in assessment, analysis, fit/gap, configuration, testing, training and deployment across all HCM and Financial modules. In addition, Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) was used as the primary training tool for the end-user population.

BTRG provided a complete project team including a senior project manager, 2 senior solutions architect, 6 senior functional consultants, a senior upgrade specialist, a senior technical lead and a senior developer to accommodate the development of a minimal amount of customization required to more closely align the system with AmeriHealth’s existing business processes.



Despite the enormity of the project and several unexpected challenges, BTRG delivered a successful go-live on-time and on-budget of HCM 9.1 and one week later Financials 9.1. Adhering to the mandate to stay “delivered”, approximately 70% of existing customizations were eliminated, reducing the cost and impact of future upgrade. In addition, several strategic innovations were introduced in key areas including Manager Self-Service and Shared Services.

Improving Employee Productivity

PeopleSoft-ManagerSelfServiceManaging people is time consuming and the goal of any system is to make it easier for managers to carry out their responsibilities. Although most customizations were eliminated, BTRG developed a new business process within Manager Self-Service, called the “Manager Action Center”, that dramatically streamlined the MSS user experience. By listening to AmeriHealth Mercy and gaining a full understanding of its needs and requirements, BTRG was able to consolidate transactions initiated from eight different PeopleSoft MSS pages onto one consolidated page that validates, submits and routes for approval the employee and position data transactions. This improved user experience saves time and improves employee productivity.

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