Case Study: Artesian Water

The Client

Artesian is the eighth largest investor-owned water utility in the United States. They provide consistent, high-quality, reliable water services to more than 82,900 metered customers across 280 square miles.

The Project Goals

Artesian’s goal is to continually innovate on behalf of its customers. They realize that achieving this level of excellence requires continual process improvements and cost reductions. Artesian needed to upgrade their PeopleSoft Financials modules from version 8.9 to version 9.2. They also needed to upgrade the associated PeopleTools release from version 8.48 to version 8.54. This was a complex task as bringing their systems current involved a multiple step upgrade.

Artesian’s Success Criteria for this project included:

  • Delivered on Time
  • Delivered on Budget
  • Resolution of current pain points
  • Utilize 9.2 functionality to improve business processes
  • Decrease the number of customizations
  • Automate manual processes

BTRG’s Solution

Executing a multiple step upgrade to bring Artesian’s systems current required close collaboration between BTRG and the client’s team. The first step in this process involved analyzing current processes, identifying requirements, addressing pain points and reviewing existing configurations and customizations. With Artesian’s requirements in mind, BTRG conducted Fit-Gap sessions to map 9.2 features to their requirements and look for opportunities to reduce customizations. BTRG also identified areas where Artesian could change business processes to adopt best practices delivered in the newest version of the product.

Once BTRG had an understanding of Artesian’s requirements and business process improvement goals, the next step was designing and building their upgraded application. This involved creating and configuring a design for new 9.2 features and retrofitting existing customizations where necessary. Next, BTRG performed unit testing for 9.2 features and supported Artesian during system testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

After thoroughly testing the 9.2 configuration for functionality and user acceptance, BTRG began knowledge transfer activities with Artesian’s team members. This training provided Artesian with the necessary knowledge to take advantage of new 9.2 features and enabled Artesian’s team to be less dependent on consultants in the future. BTRG then executed upgrade scripts and configured the 9.2 systems for go live.


The catalyst for this project was keeping systems current in order to continue to receive Oracle’s support. However, after working with BTRG in planning the upgrade, Artesian realized that certain new features of the software could garner tangible benefits for them. The key to maximizing the value of these new features was knowledge transfer from BTRG to Artesian’s team in terms of the new functionality and features that would be available to them.

Using BTRG’s standard “Vision Methodology” the BTRG team was able to successfully complete the project on time and under budget. This was accomplished through Artesian’s commitment to the project and BTRG’s expert level understanding of the newest version of the software. Upgrading to PeopleSoft Version 9.2 gave Artesian the tools it needed to continue to innovate on behalf of its customers. By taking advantage of the software’s increased functionality and BTRG’s experience in PeopleSoft upgrades, Artesian was able to align their business processes with industry best practices. This successful project adds another satisfied client to BTRG’s extensive portfolio.

The tangible results of this project included, among others:

  • Approximate 40% reduction in customizations
  • 40 new features will be utilized
  • Over 200 pain points addressed
  • Redesigned security to audit standards
  • Redesigned workflow and replaced highly customized virtual approver and manual workflows with AWE

Client Overview

Artesian Resources is a total water resource management company that has served communities in Delaware for over 100 years.


Water Resource Management Company


Upgrade PeopleSoft Financials 9.2, PeopleTools 8.54

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