Campus Archive Accelerator™ with InfoShere Optim for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

Campus Archive Accelerator™ with InfoShere Optim for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

Customer Problem

The customer needed to comply with state legislated data privacy laws as well as deal with high volumes of data in its PeopleSoft Campus Solutions™ database. The growing data was expensive to store. In addition, the sheer volume of data was causing application performance and reporting issues.

To address these issues, the University needed a solution to reduce the overall database footprint while maintaining full access to the data for reporting and testing while reducing costs. To comply with state mandated data privacy regulations, the University also needed to mask sensitive data elements in all non-production databases.

The Solution

BTRG’s PeopleSoft implementation and consulting skills combined with its InfoSphere Optim™ for PeopleSoft implementation expertise allowed it to create a solution that quickly meet all the University’s needs.

Using InfoSphere Optim™ Test Data Management and Data Privacy, BTRG created a subset of production data for the PeopleSoft Student Administration suite. This created a smaller database footprint for all development and testing environments which greatly improved production performance.

Next, the customer needed the ability to run reports on archived students without needing to bring them back into production. Out-of-the-box, InfoSphere Optim™ for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions™ doesn’t offer this functionality; requiring the University to bring a student back into production in order to run the needed reports. To overcome this limitation BTRG deployed its Campus Archive Accelerator™ with InfoSphere Optim™ for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions™, to address these barriers:

  • Transcripts Reporting for Archived Students: Transcripts to be
    run directly from the archived data
  • Student Archive Indication: Adding an indicator to the PeopleSoft
    system to show clearly who has been archived and who hasn’t

For more information contact:

Ian Wight
Sales Executive
Information Governance
BTRG, Inc. or 877.287.4462 x 7004

What is a Subset?

Traditionally, organizations or universities will put a full copy of production into a testing environment. This is counterproductive and overtime costs more money to store the additional data as well as slows down testing and reporting. By taking a fraction of data, “subset”, from production and copying it to a non-production testing environment, the data retains the referential integrity required for testing purposes while achieving compliance with data privacy regulations.

BTRG’s Campus Archive Accelerator™ with InfoSphere Optim™ for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions™ enhances IBM’s delivered InfoSphere Optim™ PeopleSoft Campus Solutions™ functionality. BTRG’s Campus Archive Accelerator™ solution solves some of the transcript reporting.

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