King County: Hyperion Planning and Public Sector Budgeting

King County: Hyperion Planning and Public Sector Budgeting

In October, 2010 King County selected BTRG to implement Hyperion Planning and Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting. Hyperion was selected to standardize, streamline and integrate operating and capital budgeting by implementing a single standard solution countywide. BTRG was selected to design and configure the Hyperion solution to meet King County’s requirements.

The implementation is currently on-going and being delivered according to initial time and budget predictions. At the conclusion of the project, Hyperion will be utilized to implement industry best practices and reduce the need for costly system modifications and side systems by providing standardized budgeting tools that fully integrate with the County’s financial, human resources and payroll systems.

The County’s budgeting process will be improved by leveraging the distributed input capabilities of Hyperion to:

  • Eliminate duplicate entries.
  • Minimize input related errors.
  • Reduce the amount of reconciliation
    currently required.

The new system will be fully integrated with the financial, HCM, and performance management systems which will establish automated data interfaces. Meanwhile, Hyperion’s drill back and enhanced reporting capabilities will dramatically improve data analysis.

Hyperion will provide a centralized process for data entry and calculations that will improve the efficiency of the budgeting process throughout the organization. In doing so, the County will experience a broad reduction in the amount of errors, training, and support costs associated with the use of multiple legacy systems.

In addition to being a centralized system, the use of standardized, web-based, Excel-style forms will provide a more user-friendly experience. Finally, workflow will be implemented to automate the approval process and allow users the ability to monitor their status. For more information on this project or Oracle’s Hyperion Planning or Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting contact BTRG at 877-287-4462 or



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January 24, 2012

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