Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC: Business Intelligence Solution

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC: Business Intelligence Solution

Solutions Opportunity

SRNS assembled a team of functional and senior management staff to address the organization’s existing legacy financials, supply chain, and project controls applications. The team was tasked with selecting a fully-integrated business systems solution, including a suite of software products and implementation support services that would allow SRNS to retire all of their legacy mainframe and select non-mainframe systems.

Specific Problems

The existing reporting capabilities had several significant limitations:

  • Manual processing: The primary source of information needed to be manually extracted from disparate systems, and formatted and analyzed in Excel. This frequently required users to run complex queries without an effective means of verifying that the results were accurate.
  • Lack of System Integration: There were many source systems that had no connection to each other, making some types of analysis extraordinarily time consuming, if not completely impossible.
  • No Centralized Reporting: The lack of a centralized reporting solution made it impossible to implement standard definitions for calculated metrics, or a standard means of reconciling similar information from disparate sources.

“As one of the largest DOE-funded sites we have a very complex set of system requirements. BTRG is delivering an integrated PeopleSoft financials and supply chain management solution that not only met our DOE requirements but also supports management decision-making through the implementation and use of Hyperion, OBIEE and Oracle Business Intelligence Applications. We’re pleased that we chose BTRG as our implementation partner and would recommend them to other organizations that are either funded by or doing business with the federal government.”

–Beth Bilson, VP Business Services,
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

Application Selection

After a lengthy evaluation process, SRNS chose Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise application to replace its legacy financial and supply chain management (SCM) systems. To meet their reporting needs, SRNS chose Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) and Oracle Analytics applications.   OBIEE was selected for its speed, consistency, ease of use and integrated analysis options to address their reporting requirements.  Supply Chain, Financials and Projects Analytic Applications were selected to reduce the implementation time and ensure the accuracy of the data by leveraging its prebuilt integration, reporting, and metrics.


BTRG was selected as the systems integrator due to our broad experience across numerous PeopleSoft suites and modules and proven track record of managing large, complex projects, affecting many levels of the organization.


The OBIEE implementation was to include the development of 250 reports deemed “Tier 1” as a measure of their importance.  As these reports were developed, many were identified as redundant due to OBIEE’s ability to simultaneously fill the need of several legacy reports with one report or dashboard.  In one instance, 25 separate Tier 1 reports were replaced with a single dashboard page.  Many of the Tier 1 reports would have required substantial manual work to turn raw data into a finished report in the legacy system, but OBIEE was used to produce a finished report on demand with no additional work necessary. In addition, the system carried the added benefit of allowing the sharing of data with other users without the need to attach it to an email.

OBIEE also provided a solution for a continuing problem meeting the reporting requirements to the DOE Standard Accounting and Reporting System. Reports are sent each month that require information to be coded correctly and consistently. Ensuring that the outgoing report was acceptable in the legacy system involved processing the report with a specialized Access database that could not be updated efficiently as requirements were added or changed. With OBIEE, SRNS was able to create an easily updatable list of rules and a report that produced a list of required edits based upon them.  This solution eliminated the number of times a report was returned as incorrect, thus reducing the amount of time needed to satisfy the DOE reporting requirements.


BTRG’s implementation of OBIEE and the Oracle Analytic applications resulted in the following successes:

  • Data Integration: Disparate data sets were integrated into one data warehouse allowing users to access accurate data in a timely fashion
  • Increased Efficiency: The amount of time required to generate reports was greatly reduced by automating the data extracts and formatting that had previously been performed manually with their legacy system.
  • Decreased Costs: The total cost of ownership was reduced by eliminating redundant reports, eliminating manual data reconciliation, error correction, and formatting

The end result of the implementation was a centralized, integrated, efficient and cost effective reporting solution that met the reporting requirements of SRNS and a flexible platform that can accommodate additional reporting needs in the future.


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