Every day it seems another data issue is brought to our attention. I look at this and I think of how many clients we have been able to help avoid the stigma of a data breach.  I have even heard of statements being made like breaches are the “new normal” and we should accept them.

Really? We should accept that someone you have entrusted your private info to is going to lose it even after they promise that they will keep it safe?


Sorry, I don’t see that as the right message. The reality is that data can be protected and should be protected.  Giving access to data to people that do not need it is bad business and with the right tools such as IBM Infosphere Guardium or IBM Optim for data privacy , this can be managed for the organization. Once security measures are properly implemented they must be maintained and improved.   In today’s Big Data world, data is the blood that keeps every organization moving. The cost to help ensure the safety and security of your organizational data is much less than the cost of rebuilding your brand after a breach.

Further reading: http://www.kshb.com/financial-fitness/what-a-data-breach-really-costs

As technology brings more and more of our data together the critical need to keep it protected grows.  Breaches cost money, and more and more organizations that have been breached are being asked to foot the bill for services that they do not control. For example, many banks are looking to recoup the cost of new cards and account monitoring service from some of the recent large retail industry breaches.  This makes the cost of a lack of oversight hurt the bottom line as well as the marketing line. With the threat of data breaches on the rise, can your organization afford the risk?  Secure your data. Protect your customers’ sensitive information.  Ensure your organization is practicing best practices and lower the risk of having your company’s name in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons.

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