Since the introduction of PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) in PeopleTools 8.51, testing your system and system processes has never been easier. The main functionality of PTF eliminates the need for manual testing by replicating the actions of a single user in the PeopleSoft application. On top of eliminating excess time, you are able to execute multiple tests efficiently and accurately. PTF is also able to evaluate your processes which provides valuable information when updating to newer versions of software or when creating performance reports.
An additional benefit of the PTF test maintenance process is that it reduces expense and risk in testing upgrades by identifying any changes that affect your test library. This removes a large portion of the manual entry required in the past to verify that tests and objects in your system were migrated correctly.

PTF delivers two key reports which are the test maintenance and test coverage reports. The test maintenance report correlates the PeopleTools compare report data with PTF test metadata to identify certain changes to menus, components, pages, records, and fields that may impact PTF tests.

Here is an example of a Test Maintenance report within the PTF Client:

The Test Coverage Report correlates the PeopleTools project data with PTF test metadata to identify components, menus, pages, records, and fields that are referenced in PTF Tests. It also identifies which objects included in the Change Project are not referenced in the PTF test metadata. These will appear in the report identified as a coverage gap.

Here is an example of a Test Coverage Report within PeopleSoft:

PTF is an excellent resource for PeopleSoft users. It is a great tool used to supplement upgrades, manage large numbers of test cases, and improve test business processes. Its key functionalities allow businesses to be efficient and accurate in their testing. As these reports have shown, PTF supplements and addresses many of the issues that businesses have when conducting PeopleSoft upgrades in a clear and concise way.


Creating Test Coverage Reports

Interpreting Test Maintenance Reports

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