IBM InfoSphere Discovery™

IBM InfoSphere Discovery™ provides market-leading capabilities to automate the identification and definition of data relationships across complex, heterogeneous environments.InfoSphere Discovery™ delivers up to 10x time and cost savings by using heuristics and sophisticated algorithms that automate analysis that profiling solutions force you to perform manually. Furthermore, it identifies and documents what data you have, where it is located and how it’s linked across systems by intelligently capturing relationships and determining applied transformations and business rules.

Data Discovery and Profiling

Knowing where your sensitive data is within your organization can be a challenge. Once you find what you’re looking for what do you do with it?

Utilizing InfoSphere Discovery, BTRG is able to deploy Data Discovery and Profiling to understand and define your data. Data Discovery is the process of analyzing data values and data patterns within your database to identify relationships. These disparate data elements are linked into logical units of information or ‘business objects’ such as customer, patient or invoice.

Once your data is identified, BTRG deploys the data profiling process to evaluate the quality of your data. The data profiling process consists of multiple analyses that investigate the structure and content of your data.

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