Hyperion for Public Sector Planning and Budgeting

BTRG recognizes that implementing a planning and budgeting solution requires significant consideration and investment, as they often remain in place for 10 or more years. Thus, having a solution that is easy to use as well as adaptable to ever-changing needs is essential. Hyperion offers a superior planning and budgeting process that offers ease of use as well as the scripting and expandability to meet both current and future needs of public sector organizations.

Hyperion is built with the functional user in mind, which minimizes the reliance on IT programmers and support staff to enhance functionality through intuitive graphical report, forms, and business rule generators. The application leverages the skills and intuition of financial planners by providing Excel-like input forms and functions. In addition, Hyperion offers users the ability to utilize Excel, Word, and Outlook to build analytical and reporting tools that are unprecedented within the industry.


A Premiere Hyperion Solution Provider

In 2010, BTRG established the TrueNorth practice dedicated to the needs of public sector planning, budgeting, and performance management. BTRG’s TrueNorth consultants have decades of experience working within public sector organizations that range from public school systems and local governments, to International federal ministries. TrueNorth’s mission is to help improve government by assisting organizations with implementing best practices in planning and performance management. For Hyperion implementations, BTRG’s team provides highly recognized project management that has been adapted to meet the strong change management needs of public sector organizations.

Our consultants combine strong functional budgeting, planning and forecasting backgrounds with Oracle’s leading Enterprise Performance Management software.  We take a more holistic approach to budgeting, planning and forecasting and will engage key members from functional areas to incorporate your entire organization’s requirements into an enterprise-wide solution.

If you are in need of a new or improved planning and budgeting system, and are considering the Oracle Hyperion application, BTRG will help to fuse your organization’s strategic goals and targets with operational and financial plans.


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