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I imagine all of us that touch the information accumulation and delivery business have seen data grow exponentially over the years. As a consultant with a growing company that serves several different Information Technology practice areas I have had opportunities to help clients build better information technology systems and processes. My current opportunity is in the Data Management arena working on a data archiving initiative.

Using tools such as the IBM Optim application suite, the Data Management practice focuses on all areas of data management such as Privacy, Test Data Management, Data protection and Archiving. I am initially going to focus on one of our current clients that has asked us to help them reduce the overall size of their ERP footprint using the IBM Optim tool to implement an effective long term solution to reducing overall data

The tool was chosen based on a variety of factors including both flexibility and its out-of-the-box integrated functionality for their ERP application. The client has a crucial near term need to quickly improve performance within their environment using its existing architecture. They will then look into the potential to expand the use into other areas. Since Optim is DB agnostic and can be configured to work with a myriad of ODBC/JDBC data sources they feel they get the best of both worlds. Our job is to help them succeed at fulfilling their objectives.

I look forward to exploring and commenting on this project and other IT related items via this Blog. Including items such as:

  • Tool setup and configuration.
  • Striking an effective balance between working on-site and remotely across 3 time zones.
  • Requirements Gathering

I guess it’s only fair to give you a little background on our company and me personally so you can decide if you really want to hear what I think. Of course I am hopeful that you will find it both informative and refreshing.

Currently I work for BTRG, in the Data Management Practice that provides clients with a full suite of leading data management solutions that reduce costs and complexity while increasing performance and regulatory compliance. BTRG’s complete Data Management Solution starts with our core

Data Archiving solution and expand from there to include Data Privacy, Test Data Management, Performance Tuning, Platform Migration, Disaster Recovery, System Retirement, and Hardware & Infrastructure Architecture Services.

BTRG’s experience as an ERP systems integrator provides me and my colleagues with a unique and informed perspective on how best to manage data. Leveraging extensive knowledge of ERP systems, BTRG’s Data Management Practice provides solutions for managing data growth, protecting data privacy and streamlining test data using IBM’s Optimproduct. BTRG is IBM’s 4th largest worldwide partner for Optim™ solutions for PeopleSoft customers. BTRG is an Oracle Platinum Partner and an IBM Advanced Business Partner.

Over the course of the past couple of months, years, decades of my career I have been lucky to experience a variety of different roles and responsibilities. In addition to consulting I have managed a group of extremely talented System Engineers and Business Analysts, worked in the world of application development (COBOL, PeopleCode, SQR,) and Project Management for small and global projects. I have had the privilege of working with resources in the US, Canada, Ireland, India, Germany and probably a few others that have currently slipped my mind.

I have seen technology literally transform the way the world works and connects and I am proud to continue to play a part in this ever-evolving world.



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