Tis the season to be organized. This time of year brings many thoughts about getting organized and putting things in their proper place. All year at BTRG, we help our clients to get a handle on the information they have within their organization. The steps to proper data management have organization incorporated in them:

1. Determine what you need.

Keep clean, relevant useful information where it can be accessed quickly. Less is
more when you need to make data driven business decisions.

2. Remove what you don’t.

Old data that has no day to day value to the organization should be removed. Archive data that is only needed to comply with government or business regulations. It you won’t be updating it then it can be safely moved aside.

If it is truly no longer needed then it is time to purge it.

3. Organize what’s left.

Determine what the data is for and use it as needed. Prod data should be secure and readily accessible. Privatize test data to prevent data theft.

General cleanup rules can be applied to the data stored within your organization. If you don’t need it lets find a way to put it where it belongs. IBM Optim software will allow you to purge, archive, privatize, and/or reduce the overall data footprint within your organization.

This improves the data you keep by making it stand out so you can use it for things like running a business.

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