This blog contains Reason #9 and 10. For the third part of my blog series, please visit our link.

Reason #9 Hardware is a terrible investment

Most computer hardware either becomes obsolete rather quickly or is incredibly expensive to buy and maintain, and in many cases is BOTH. Buying computer hardware and running your own data center to support your HCM, ERP and other enterprise applications is typically neither strategic to your core business, nor a good investment. Sometimes the costs may be unpredictable as well, especially if there is a hardware failure. Running Oracle cloud applications eliminates this burden, because the infrastructure is managed by the vendor and all part of a consistent monthly subscription cost. Yet another area in which cloud applications can save costs and become a predictable expense.

Reason #10 – Don’t be the last to adopt

The IT industry is moving in the direction of cloud, both vendors and customers are are adopting cloud paradigms. Most Major commercial application development is now being done in the cloud. Even on-premise applications are already utilizing cloud infrastructure and/or paradigms for test and development environments. Don’t be the last to catch up, very likely your competitors are already starting to realize the benefits of cloud adoption. If you wait too long to move to cloud, your competitors may pass you buy within your industry. Once everyone is on the cloud, it will become less of a competitive advantage, don’t wait to act and don’t wait to realize the benefits.


We’ve covered our top 10 list of reasons to consider moving from on-premise applications to Oracle Cloud SaaS applications. We talked about how cloud applications will solve business challenges much more quickly than on-premise, allowing your enterprise to realize the benefits of new functionality up to 4 times faster than before. And how being on one unified instance and taking advantage of the broad yet fully integrated offerings in Human Capital Management (HCM) and Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) can significantly reduce the complexity within your environment. Leaving behind the days of having separate databases for HCM and ERP and having to support different versions and platforms, can enable you to focus on your core business rather than the logistics of IT and getting bogged down with the poor investment that is computer hardware. You can take advantage of the modern best practices that are built into these applications including security best practices in oder to run your business more efficiently and securely for LESS cost. Oracle intends to be the leader in cloud/SaaS applications, and they are well on their way, putting all their effort behind rapidly advancing the move to cloud. Don’t be a laggard and wait to adopt all the benefits that come with cloud applications and computing, take advantage now and leap ahead of your competition. It really is not a matter of if, but rather when all applications move to the cloud, and you don’t want to be the last one left on the ground.

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